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Devin Broome

VP of Product Development

Devin attended Southeastern Louisiana University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science and an alternate certification in secondary education. 

He previously served for eight years as the executive director of Information Technology for the University of Louisiana System (80,000 students). Devin coordinated all IT strategies for the System and during Katrina/Rita was selected as the Higher Education representative of emergency preparedness for the State of Louisiana responsible for the coordination of the relief and rescue effort of Higher Education during the aftermath and the long-term recovery effort.

In the wake of Virginia Tech, he chaired the committee to implement a State wide ENS system for over 200,000 students across four University Systems and 100 physical locations. The coordination and cooperation necessary to accomplish this unified approach for emergency preparedness was a direct result of years of cooperation and communication with institutions, systems and agencies throughout the State.