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Instantly Notifying Everyone

FirstCall immediately and concurrently delivers emergency alerts to citizens via our time tested Emergency Notification Service by selecting contacts with precise pinpoint accuracy.

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Alert to the Source

Immediately notify at risk employees in a time of crisis directly to their digital devices & notify on-call personnel (HazMat teams or first responders) all within seconds.

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Business Continuity

Adopting our suite of communication and collaboration tools within your company’s Emergency Operations Plan, ensures the safety of your employees and the viability of your business; before during and after a disaster.

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Protect Students Wherever They Are

FirstCall connects with students through a multitude of digital platforms, including social media and desktop alerts. No matter where the student is or what they are viewing, FirstCall can alert them in seconds.

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FirstCall immediately delivers emergency ALERTS to first responders, citizens and the EOC staff within seconds via Phones Cellular Devices Text Messaging Email Info Lines Pagers Computer Desktops Signage TTY/TDD devices Social Media Platforms

Emergency Communications Network has acquired FirstCall! Over the next several months, ECN will work closely with new clients to transition them onto our notification solutions. To learn more about ECN’s suite of reliable notification solutions, please visit our website at